black light 15 Filmed in solitary confinement, audio reverbation of architectural materials and extruded human voices play strongly on the psyche. Light, disorientation of time and space are exacerbated by optic, psycho-physio deterioration, affecting the individual as inmate within prison structure (a catch-22 regarding the safety of other inmates, guards), and as former inmate reentering society. The belly of the overcrowded U.S. prison system retains over 80,000 in solitary confinement, in 2,000 state, federal and privatized prisons (that does not include jails, juvie, detention centers, etc...) more than any other democratic nation. In a 7’x10’ windowless cell -one inmate for days, months and years with miniscule outside contact, solitary has been likened to torture, and has resulted in self mutilation and attempted suicides. Inmates can be released directly from solitary into the general population, posing a threat of increased violence and potential recidivism. All of society is integrated. The prison system is a part of us. Solitary confinement is a part of us. To engage in reform, open dialogue and conceptualize future alternatives, necessitates seeing. Previously on view at the Hazel Wolf Gallery, Berkeley, California • best experienced on large screen in a dark room

conceptual document


bands warp and curve, documented and threaded in rhythmic movement of the lunar cycle,

basing variants on the tidal tables at 47º54’44.33”N, 124º38’39.93”W on Washington’s Pacific coast, during the three day period of October 26th, 27th, 28th, 2010, with a high tide of 8.89

feet above sea level and a low tide of -0.41 feet below sea level.


• intended for projection on a fog screen in a dark room


arrested liberty

The rediscovered title sequence!

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